Spritz has popularized RSVP, a technique for comfortably increasing reading speed.

1. Download or grab a local PDF of an eBook that I want to read

2. Use an online converter for PDF to ePub (such as Online Convert)

3. Sign up at Fastr to upload the ePub version

4. Download the fastr app

5. Sign into the account (via mobile)

6. Profit! Start using RSVP on eBooks

I am not affiliated with Spritz or Fastr.io in any way. Just a developer that almost recreated the wheel. I found this (albeit complicated) solution while doing technical research.

There’s still an opportunity to simplify the process. I don’t think that Amazon will accommodate RSVP anytime soon.

Meaning is more dispersed in books than articles, which is why I feel that eBooks are the best use of this technology.

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