I measure the value of content by what I remember long after I read, hear, or see it.

The Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders series serves me well in this area.

Mark Zuckerberg attended in 05’ and was asked…

“What skills did you develop in college that prepared you for the entrepreneurial process and the business world?”

I think that it’s more about how you spend your time doing stuff than something specific that you learn from college. I made a ton of random things when I was at Harvard. Most of them no one ever saw, a couple of them just weren’t meant for other people to see. There were things that I made for myself because I thought that they would be cool.

Mark Zuckerberg From Harvard to the Facebook

Zuckerberg gives examples of things that he built before continuing…

I just spend a lot of time making random stuff. And I think that definitely made it so that by the time that it came to making this random project (Facebook) I was pretty well tuned towards making that.

Mark Zuckerberg From Harvard to the Facebook

You become a better entrepreneur, thinker, leader, and project manager by making stuff. Dave Williams once said “Entrepreneurship is like anything else. You have to practice.”

Most developers are guided by ‘product’ at work and stop making their own stuff. If your imagination isn’t exercised you lose it.

Make stuff that you are interested in and solve your own problems.