Last night I came out to my buddy. Why does this matter? Because I’ve done it before and witnessed friendships fall apart. But I still told him. So why?

It was relevant to our conversation. I could have omitted the fact I’m gay but I didn’t.

Truth Brings Order

When in doubt, I keep it real. Whatever the truth is, I realize that the consequences of telling the truth are needed, necessary, and in many cases inevitable. If the result is undesirable then so be it.

We simply stave off the inevitable by lying. This results in false relationships, friendships, and even a false sense of self.

I have learned to trust that whatever needs to happen will happen much quicker when we deal in truth.

The Older I Get, The Less Fucks I Give

I have been through a lot in my twenty-two years. Overcoming struggles has always resulted in clarity.

If your truth causes problems, you should not hide it. Live honestly and let nature run it’s course.

I have developed a quiet confidence. Realizing that the opinion of a person or group of people will not determine my fate. Only I can do that.

When faced with the option of keeping it real or lying, remember that truth brings order while lies stave off the inevitable.

Happy Living!