An old acquaintance contacted me and asked if I could build his product idea. I told him that I could serve in an advisory role but would not build the idea for him.

He then asked what should a non-technical founder bring to the table to be considered worth working with?

I told him to be the best at what he does non-technically and make sure that his skills are actually needed.

Later that night I came across an article which includes skills that non-technical founders should focus on. I also discussed the issue of non-technical founders with an engineer last night.

We agreed that engineers can learn to do reasonably well in almost every other capacity while still contributing to building the solution. We also discussed the benefits of having people with an engineering mindset involved in business decisions.

I would much rather a technical co-founder. There are some cases in which I would consider going non-technical. It just depends on business needs.

This article lists some skills that non-technical founders can focus on such as:

  • Customer Development
  • Direct Sales
  • Growth Hacking

If you become great at one of these, chances are that an early stage start-up needs you.